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Your servers might be virtual or not, but your abilities to grow are real!

High Security

The security and protection are our utmost priority. We offer you high-resilience network that will ensure a stable connection and uninterrupted service. You can rest assured that your servers and website are safe.


There is no need to worry about bandwidth, speed or running out of space and resources. You can be confident that our servers have been efficiently planned, built, and managed so that you can have the best possible setup and environment for your projects.

High Performance

We provide high performance and extra optimization capabilities for your resources.


Our services can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements. You can start small and develop as your company grows.


You only pay for what you use without overspending or investing in capacity or resources you don’t need.

24/7 Availability

We have engineers in our office around the clock waiting to solve your problems as soon as possible.

What More We Offer

to make your experience even better

Reliable IT Solutions that help your business to grow.

  • We analyze your requirements and we offer you the right solution
  • We advise you how to make the IT to work for you
  • Flexibility of our offer to support the changes in your business
  • We constantly improve and innovate

We know it is all about the trust.

  • You have full clarity about the status of your services and what you have to pay
  • We make sure we deliver what have been promised to you
  • We provide value by utilizing the best of the technologies

Our team is small in numbers but giant in taking care.

  • Our staff is available 24/7 to monitor your services and to answer your questions
  • We understand your business so we can help you solve your problems faster
  • We have done it before and we leverage our experience

Need someone to take care of your IT infrastructure so you can take care of your customers?

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Web hosting is the process of using a hosting server to host a website and make it available for everyone on the internet. There are many types of hosting available, such as shared hosting. While most web hosting providers offer similar packages, the more popular a website is, the more resources it will need to function effectively.

Radioactive Hosting helps you scale your hosting package as and when you need it, so you can start with a simple shared hosting plan and gradually upgrade to a cloud hosting or even a VPS hosting plan later.

Your website is a collection of files and (in most cases) databases that are shown to your visitors as they browse around your site. Radioactive Hosting, like most web hosts, allocates storage space for your website’s files and databases on a shared server.

When you sign up for Radioactive’s Hosting managed hosting plans, you’ll receive login details to access your hosting account’s admin panel (aptly named the hPanel). In the hPanel, you can manage all things related to your website, from hosting to domains, databases, files, and so on

To put it simply – you need a hosting plan to get your website up and running for the whole world to see.

While it’s possible to have a website without external hosting, it’s not recommended for beginners. Unless you know how to set up your computer to do the job of a hosting server, you’ll save yourself time, money, and grey hairs by opting for Radioactive’s Hosting to do the heavy lifting for you.

Here at Radioactive’s Hosting, our support team is our pride and joy. We call our support team our customer success team because we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are successful with their online ventures. So if you encounter a problem, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll do our best to fix potential problems and point you in the right direction.

Radioactive’s Hosting customer success team is top-rated within the industry and we have a long track record of doing everything in our power to help our customers. We respond quickly and thoroughly and don’t give up until we’ve found a solution.

Yes – and we actively encourage it. If you’re using a popular content management system such as WordPress, Drupal or any other, we have tools available that make it easy and fast to switch between web host platforms. Even if you’re not using a typical CMS or simply need a little help along the way, our support team is at hand to guide you through the process, free of charge