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If a scan finds anything Site Lock will safely remove any known malware automatically.

Daily scans help detected malware early before search engines have a chance to find it and blacklist it.
High Performance
Instant and fully automated setup gives you protection immediately without anything to install.
99% uptime guarantee
Get protection against the top 10 web app security flaws as recognized by OWASP, the Open Application Security Project.
Secure Servers
Firewall protects your website against hackers and attacks.
24/7/365 support
Proactively monitors for and alerts you about any malware that is detected on your website.
Super Easy to Use
Automatically checks your applications to ensure they are up-to-date and secured against known vulnerabilities.
Simple Billing system
Automatic invoices are created for all products and services, send to the customer, and can easily pay with single click.

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